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The Exco® system is the reply to a very frequent question "How to protect man, things and the environment from the disasters provoked by fires and from explosions?" The innovative idea that is at the origin of the Exco® system, is based above all on the simplicity of the resolution of the problem.

With the term Exco® (Explosion Control) we identify the project that for more than a decade makes its way expanding all over the world to promote a better quality of life.

Any tank of stored liquid fuels or gases, small or large, fixed or mobile, if treated with Exco®, becomes absolutely safe. The safety comes from the fact that if the tank is hit by a fire of any proportion, the flames that are produced are very weak and therefore easy to put out, but above all the tank does not ever get to the point of explosion.

All fuel tanks can be treated with the Exco® system:

* Large storage tanks in refineries or depots.
* Road service station tanks.
* GPL tanks for household and industrial use.
* Tankers or cisterns for the transportation of inflammable substances.
* Domestic GPL Cylinders for domestic use or for camping.
* Fuel tanks for motor vehicles, boats and aircraft.

The Exco® System in its main configuration presents itself in the form of a net with a bee-hive structure built in light aluminum alloy. This net is introduced in rolls in large tanks or in the form of spheres in small tanks.


Exco® s.r.l.
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